Technology, Trade-block and globalisation… a summary.




‘’ globalisation is a process that encompasses the causes, courses and consequences of transnational and transcultural integration of human and non-human activities. ‘’

The world has been brought together (globalised) in many ways. Those include: Trading, communication and global inter-dependency.

A trade block is an agreement where a group of countries come together and organise a trading system where possible trade barriers are reduced or completely eliminated.

This has contributed to globalisation as it has made countries allied, co-dependent and reliant on each other. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The good part is that countries can now specify in one form of trading (e.g. Banana export in Uganda) whilst other countries dedicate to theirs. This allows countries to have a diversity of goods whilst only producing a small variety within the country. The downside is that not many countries experience its advantages. Countries are now very co-dependent, so in terms of crisis one decision will affect several countries. It also excludes many poor unwanted countries. Countries in trade blocks can refuse to trade with other countries put barriers over countries or boycott countries all together. Thus this pushes unwanted countries further into poverty.

However, all in all. Trade groups made the access of goods easier and cheaper. And has provided new products to many parts of the world.

Technology on the other hand has many ways of contributing to globalisation. It links with Trade block as Trade-blocks rely on security and communication. Types of technology such as advanced transport (Planes, cars, and cargo.) sped-up globalisation. Better transport meant that better goods could travel further and quicker. This also meant that products never seen before could make their way to remote places.

Also, communication processes such as the Internet allowed better security and greater interconnectedness. Internet meant that goods could now be tracked.

Examples of trade blocks are:





In summary.  Both technology and trade-block contributed to globalisation in positive and negative ways. Through better access, security, transport and communication.



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