suburbs a new beginning.

City Vs Suburbs


Her are few things you need to know:

  1. Megacity: a city with more than 10 million people.
  2. Super-city: a city with more than 5 million people.
  3. Megalopolis: an urban area with several metropolises.
  4. Suburban sprawl: expansion of city community into the suburbs.
  5. Edge cities: cities which grew along motor ways.
  6. Ethnic enclave: local community (from a specific ethnicity) isolated from the rest of the city.


Here a few reasons why people quit the city for the suburb in the developed world:

  • Suburbs often have an immense space compared to spaces in the city and often those lands are relatively cheap. Meaning people can afford to build huge houses for cheaper prices than in the city.
  • Because of better transport facilities now and decline in manufacturing industry, people are able to live far away from their work places and still make it to their offices in the morning.
  • Suburbs have better: health, education and social services. This makes them more wanted by families who are looking for safer neighbourhoods and better schooling for their children.
  • Lastly suburbs are perfect for retired people and people who want some environmental peace overall. Suburbs have less congestion, better air and water quality as well as friendlier people (last point is a stereotype. J  )

Disadvantages of suburban sprawls:

In the recent years a phenomena has presented itself. Now more than ever most of those living in the suburbs work in neighbouring cities to earn decent wages. This creates night dormitory settlements; meaning communities where people work all day and only return to the neighbourhoods at night time. Those communities are disadvantaged in case of violence or emergencies (possible natural disasters).

Most people who can afford to move into a suburb are often rich leaving poor people secluded in enclaves.

People who move in suburbs often bring along with them pollution and night life, turning the beautiful countryside into a miniature version of a city.


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