How to carry a fieldwork

This is an essay I wrote on how to carry fieldwork and research ;3

Location: Holderness.

To investigate effectiveness of coastal management schemes in Holderness I first searched for data and information from secondary sources such as:

-google maps.


-and forums on coastal issues.

– As well as images to have an idea about how the coastal defences look.

These secondary researches informed me about the kind of coastal defences which were present. Online research allowed me to carry a cost benefit analysis to assess how effective the defences are.

On the field trip I carried out all my primary research. This included taking a walk along Holderness’s coast from which I spotted 4 types of management strategies. Those being: do nothing approach, ripraps, groynes and sea walls.

I then proceeded to make a sketch of the location before high tide. Later I asked residents (mostly elderlies) of how useful they found the defences. Results varied a lot from person to person. Which I later represented in a table.

Finally I took pictures of the coastal landscape to compare with online pictures and decide if management strategies were effective or otherwise.

Following this I used a systematic sampling method to record the amount of sediments trapped within the groynes.

The end.


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