shoreline coastal management plans (SMP)

Here is an exam question I answered:

Coastal management strategies vary from place to place because they are dependent on cost benefit analysis of local councils. This means local councils look at how important and valuable a given land is. As well as what kind of interest does it hold to the local residents.

The S.M.P. (shoreline management plan) has four strategies:

1)      Holding the line approach. Meaning placing coastal defences of both hard and soft engineering. A holding the line approach is used at gas terminals (Hornsea), settlements and places of economic importance.

2)      Retreating the line: the idea of retreating the line is setting a red zone farther inland and allowing the sea to do its job, thus creating marshland and mudflats.

3)      Advancing the line. Meaning building defences into the sea. These usually cost a lot and are used for places of immense importance. (Thames flood gates in London).

4)      The do nothing approach; this usually causes conflicts between councils and local land owners. It is the concept of letting the sea erode away the land.


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