Urbanisation and Mumbai



Vision Mumbai      what is it.



Mumbai is a mega city. A mega city is a city with +10 million people.

Just like many other big cities Mumbai faces hyper urbanisation, which is where a city grows so fast in terms of population that demands for basic needs can’t be met for everyone.

In 1947 the city had already ~4 million people! Therefor problems which arise with overpopulation became ever present.

The original collection of fishing villages i.e.: Mumbai, became a huge city filled with Dharavi or what we know as slums/shanti towns.

-estimated population of Dharavi ranges from 300,000 to a million.

-89% of Mumbai’s waist is recycled in those Dharavi.

-Child workers work in open roof factories as big as 150 rooms. Most work barefoot and with poor protection from hazards.

-Dharavi production exports to the world US$ 1 billion per annum.

This exposes the workers to a wide variety of health hazards and physical ones such as collapsing infrastructure, cholera and lung problems.



The vision Mumbai is a plan which aims to renovate the slums of Mumbai into better dwelling places following the successful transition of Hong Kong’s slums.

-it aims to make flats for slum residents to live in.

-it aims to create 50000 public toilets.

-to create open spaces.

-And it aims to employ the slum population into the growing construction, IT and airport management sector.


index: pictures from Wikipedia


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