Some key studies on the family – family roles

exactly what i’m working on at school.

Below you can read about the numerous sociologists who have looked at the complex dynamics of between couples in the family.

How have relationships changed? Bott, 1957. Original text Elizabeth Bott ‘Family and Social Network’

Elizabeth Bott’s Family and Social Network describes two contrasting types of conjugal roles: segregated and joint. Segregated roles involve a clear differentiation between the tasks undertaken by men and women, with each pursuing clearly defined and distinct activities. A joint relationship, on the other hand, is one where the differentiation – or ‘division of labour’ – is much less clear, and tasks, interests and activities are shared to a much greater degree. What Bott’s study claimed is that if family members maintain ties with a network of friends or neighbours who know one another, the members of these external social networks can develop norm consensus and exert pressure on the network’s members to conform.

Are conjugal roles…

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